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Soubin Shahir was approached to play the role of Saji even before his breakthrough performance in Sudani from Nigeria (2018) for which he earned a State Film Award.[13] The eldest of the four brothers, Saji is a wastrel who lives off the earnings of his hardworking migrant friend, and regularly gets into violent fights with his younger brothers. Writer Pushkaran said that the character was loosely based on a friend from his youth in Kumbalangi named Saji Napoleon, who had had suicidal tendencies.[10] Sreenath Bhasi was initially offered the part of the Bobby. However, by the time the movie was slated to begin shooting, the directors thought he was more suitable as the older brother, Bonny.[16] The oldest brother after Saji, Bonny is a mute who falls in love with an American woman who comes to Kumbalangi as a tourist. Bhasi described his character as "the grounded big brother" of the family.[17] Mathew Thomas, a debut actor, was cast for the role after he was shortlisted from an audition held at his school. For the role of Franky, the youngest brother, he spent six months with the film crew in Kumbalangi, during which he learnt to cook, row boats, cast fishing nets and play football in the forward position.[6]

Brothers in Trouble malayalam movie full mp3 download


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