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Full-length music videos: Royal Caribbean is known for its full-length music videos, which usually take place during their popular entertainment shows. Thevideos are usually about twenty or thirty minutes long, and they introduce the song and dance routines that feature during these live shows. Most of the dancing in the music videos is done by the other dancers during the live shows. However, Royal Caribbeanis able to budget for a musician and a crew to accompany the dancers in the videos. On this cruise, we sawabout three of the videos produced by this company. The videos were really good, and they showed exactly what we would have liked to see in the live dance shows. If we were on this cruise again, we would definately want to see the full-length videos. They are a great visual addition to the ship. After our first experience watching these videos, we were addicted to them so much that we started watching them during our next cruise withRoyal Caribbean, which is discussed below.

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Dancing in the ocean: When we were on board the last cruise, we saw a special dancing performance on a small stage in the middle of the ocean! It was an amazing sight, and it really was a more captivating experience than one would imagine. The dancers and musicians were able to perform with dozens of lights that ran along the ocean waters. We were especially impressed when they stopped the music and the dancers covered the deck with red and white lights.


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