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Everytime We Touch Slow Version Free Mp3 Download

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everytime we touch slow version free mp3 download


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Includes unlimited streaming via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality downloads of Liquid Space Dream, Head Cleaner, Weird IX - Unlistenable Improvisations For Guitar, 23 Hours Late (EP), Vata Rocket 2, Vata Rocket, Weird VIII - Fear And Loathing In Myrtle Beach, Spiraling Together (Demos, Outtakes & Random Recordings), and 67 more. , and , . Purchasable with gift card Buy Digital Discography $23.46 USD or more (90% OFF) Send as Gift Share / Embed 1. The Cloudy Haze 05:07 lyrics buy track no matter the cloud, no matter the hazeit's crystal clear, your fateful gazemy mind is locked, all thoughts of youi can't escape, that's how you knewi fell in the trap, i'm under the spelli'm lost in the maze, i know you can telli reach for your hand, i can't find my wayi can't believe, you don't feel the sameso why do i feel so attached to youwhy does my heart burn so bright for youand why won't you give in to this perfect dream of love that waits so patiently for usCHyou left me herejealous and alonemy mind will wanderto fill in the unknownteasing my soulwith what it so desperately needsknowing how muchit fucks with meCHand you say you carebut when i need you you are never thereand you say you love mebut that's only a carrotthat you hang above meCH 2. Close My Eyes 01:53 lyrics buy track i watch as you lie sleeping in my bedand i wonder of the dreams running through your headwords come as the thoughts spin in your mindi heard what you said but i don't believe the liesit's the same thing every dayi reach out to hold youbut you push me awayi know it could be alrightthis could last foreverif we hold on to the lightyou found my only fearwhen i opened up my heartthen watched you disappearthis love i feel is strongbut you don't seem to careand now we're going wrongso i will close my eyesand wish it all awayas i float off to the skies 3. You Will Never Know 03:44 lyrics buy track i'm tired of this gamenot having fun anymoreit's time for you to gojust leave and close the doorthe love i feel is strongbut it will fade awayyou keep dragging me alongi won't last another daygo on and run awayyou can't feel anything anywaywhy do I waste all of my timewhen you treat me so unkindCHORUSit's a shame you couldn't seeall the things that we could bebut I can let it goand you will never know 4. No Hope For Me 02:24 lyrics buy track here I am alone out in the rainwatch it fall and wash away my painyou don't care you always run awayuse me up then tell me i'm to blameall i ever wanted was everythingor maybe just one chance for you to seethat i could give you all the love you needyou just laughed and said there is no hope for memy crying eyes are disguised by the rainno one sees me hide away in shameyou don't care you always run awaytake my heart and flush it down the drainall i ever wanted was everythingor maybe just one chance for you to seethat i could give you all the love you needyou just laughed and said there is no hope for meand there's nothing that you ever need from meand in your heart there is no feeling at all for meand i can be your friend but that's all I'll ever be 5. A Better Day 04:46 lyrics buy track you break my heart every time you leavejust another promise that you couldn't keepyou let me fall and i hit the groundall you ever do is bring me downnow I know I need to goI've got to get awayI won't come running backI will find a better dayyou said you were my pot of goldthe one that I'd been waiting foryou wanted me to hang aroundyou had to know I wanted morenow I know I need to goI've got to get awayI won't come running backI will find a better dayand now I'm so lost you won't take my hand you want so much from me but you can't understand why am I holding on I don't want you to go this feeling getting strongit's all I want to knoweven though I need to goI just can't get awayI will come running backI have found a better day 6. Goldfire 02:03 lyrics buy track get on the ride and let's fucking gowhat i'm doing to myself i really don't knowif it feels good do it now don't hold backthe stars will shine a light on all I lackhere againi can take itiron willyou won't break ithearts of goldhearts on fireall is truewe're all liarsyou won't bring me down this timei'll be holding you upyou can fly me with your wingssoon we'll see what fate will bring 7. Hold On To Let Go 03:58 lyrics buy track on occasion i dream of you i remember the daysone more time before the memoryfades into the hazeand you know I like to think of youi remember the dayslong before the clouds of darkness cameand took you awayi want to hold oni need to let gothere was nothing I could ever doyou were set in your waysall the love and light i conjured upyou remained unfazedone more time i'd like to dream of youthey were beautiful daysmaybe someday i will see it againyour amazing waysi want to hold oni need to let goi want to let go 8. Heartsick 06:19 lyrics buy track i know on my owni am whole insidebut i long for the onewho will stand right by my sidedon't torture me with friendshipno matter how puremy heart sick and dyingand desperate for the curewho will dance insidein my dream of lovei beg and i pleadi've waited for so longdon't torture me with friendshipno matter how puremy heart sick and dyingand desperate for the cureall the love insidei give it to myselfoh lord please let meshare it with someone else 9. Let This Die 04:07 lyrics buy track I never had a chancei let you too far innow i will shut you outyou won't know me againdestroying all you touchi know i care too muchand now it's all a lieand we can let this dieyou could have been the onewe could have lived the dreamall those things i saidyou thought i didn't meandestroying all you touchi know i care too muchand now it's all a lieand we can let this dieyour heart is far too coldand locked up in a celltrying to love youturned into living hell 10. The Open Gate 04:13 lyrics buy track and then the gates were openedand my soul could fly so freeas i opened up my eyesand I saw everythingthe vision became cloudybut the light i still could seeand now that the fog has liftedall is as it should beyou walked me through the darknessrefusing to let go I tried my best to run awayfrom all that you did knowbut my sorrow was in vainthere was no need to doubtyou watched me as i struggledbut you knew i'd figure it outand now with peace of mindmy soul will sit & waitthe answer is in the starsand i submit to my fate credits released September 14, 2014 PRODUCED, MIXED, ENGINEERED, and PERFORMED by Andy Samford. All songs written by Andy Samford. Recorded Sept 2014 at Furious Midget Studios, Decatur, GA. (c) 2014 Big Green Buzzard Music(c) 2014 Electric Minnow Music(c) 2014 Andy Samford $(".tralbum-credits").last().bcTruncate(TruncateProfile.get("tralbum_long"), "more", "less"); license all rights reserved tags Tags melodic rock rock guitar rock psychedelic stoner rock Atlanta Shopping cart total USD Check out about Antön Samförd Atlanta, Georgia


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