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Ethereum Movie Venture Buy =LINK=

The movie corporation who collected Ether from Ethereum investors trough a smart contract recently announced lots of B2B cooperations, sponsoring and product placement deals, which will support the production process of the first Ethereum based Independent movie.

ethereum movie venture buy

While the first scenes are going to be shoot from the end of January 2017 in West-Australia the Pitts Circus team used the last month to coordinate some important business deals to make the movie look and feel like a crypto-related film. While the Pitts Circus Family (a popular artist family from Australia) will head the cast the movie production the production team around Tony Caradonna signed with Matto Kämpf and Carlos Henriquez movie actors who already have years of TV & film experience. Mera film, a swiss based digital cinema production company supports the production progress and will help to bring a high-quality movie in 2018 to film festivals followed by international cinemas all around the world.

The Ethereum based project closed some important business deals in the last time. In the last month the team closed several sponsoring and product placement deals. Ledger Wallet, will come up with a new version of their cold wallet soon. The hardware wallet, which will also support smart contracts will be part of the movie. Also Trezor Wallet confirmed to support the first Ethereum founded movie in terms of sponsoring and product placement. The Pitts Circus movie recently also received financial support from

The movie production announced to feature Ether Card products in their film. Customized Pitts Circus Ethereum gift cards are available to give away shares of the movies venture as a present. While the team works on more B2B deals inside the crypto space they also brought other companies to the scene who are going to sponsor the crypto related film.

First results of production will be shown on the COVAL/ VOCAL podcast early next year. The movie will also include a COVAL placement (Circuits of Value cryptocurrency). It will be the first movie which shows the innovative use case of storing and sending cryptocurrency inside a MP3 file or ordinary usbsticks. The movie soundtrack is in progress but independent musicians will be able to upload their music on the aurovine platform (Audiocoin cooperation) and the audience will decide which music will be part of the film.

In sum the Swiss movie production was able to collect financial resources, equipment and human labour time of more than 80,000 USD. Parts of it come from donations during the summer, followed by their first sold smart contracts (Ether investment) as well from closed business deals with sponsors and partners. There will be some more deals signed in the next weeks. Currently the project also announced a partnerships with other companies e.g. Mycolab or Aardvark Film Emporium.

Tony Caradonna producer of the Pitts Circus movie also announced, that there will be an Ethereum Movie Venture coin in future. This coin will be used to give out the yearly movies (ETH) dividends, while the investment can be traded on exchanges. One reason for this action was the wish of many investors to make the investment able to trade on a short-term basis. Moreover, the Ethereum Movie Venture coin will be used to produce more independent film project and eventually provide a ethereum based VOD solution.

Right now the the team is exited to see so much progress and support all over the world and would like to thank all partners and the international community members who are supporting the production process. In that way the Pitts Circus movie also cherish the work of Jose Antonio Leon Rojas, Ludwig Amadeus Moncrieff and the team of Social Husky international who support the project from Venezuela, who will produce merchandise material for film festivals.

Consumers who want to watch the movie by pay per view need EMV Tokens to access the movie. During the ICO phase the team gave away some prizes on competitions (sponsored Ethercards and Trezor & Ledger wallets with ETH & EMV token) to attract attention on the social web. Furthermore they will give some of the partnership tokens to gatekeepers of the movie-industry during film the festivals in 2018. A few remaining EMV coins will be distributed to early bird ticket buyers to incentives the use of Ether and Ethereum tokens. Later on, consumers will have to use EMV tokens to view the movie online or vote on upcoming Ethereum based indie movie projects.

In the fourth quarter of 2022, crypto-focused VC venture firms raised the smallest amount of capital since the first quarter of 2021, despite 2022 seeing the largest amount ever raised by crypto VCs at more than $33 billion, according to Galaxy, a digital assets and blockchains solutions provider.

Some deals are still happening. Back in Lisbon, the blockchain startup Allbridge raised $2 million in January 2023 with a round led by Race Capital, a venture fund that previously invested in Solana SOL and Lightning Labs.

In a bid to help businesses with funding and accelerate their growth, the team at CryptoPoolMirror (CPM) is pleased to announce the introduction of its token to the crypto and business space. CPM gives international investors the leverage to access startup venture capital the world over. CPM has an Ethereum-based token that investors can use to purchase goods and services on the CPM network.

A franchise where the direction is dictated by a community rather than individuals is the new goal of filmmakers Zeek Earl and Chris Caldwell, the duo behind 2018 space film Prospect. The pair are aiming to fund their latest sci-fi venture through the launch of an NFT collection in collaboration with the TAKA Artist Collective.

The platform must launch an ICO which fills the MOI venture fund's capital reserves. These reserves are distributed as seed funding to other startups as determined by holders of the MOI token. MOI token holders lobby for promising startups with a vote-power equal to their token balance.

The Be Kind Tech Fund's investment will support Polemix in its goal to build and scale the first Web3-based platform facilitating discussion of important causesThe Be Kind Tech Fund also announced that Spanish venture capital firm Seaya and London-based entre

In addition, EPR owns and operates ski resorts, restaurants, and other attractions. So, its portfolio comes with properties from several industries. Although holdings are skewed in favor of movie theatres, the company is far from a one-trick pony.

Keep in mind that in this financial quarter, Pembina Pipeline Corp. plans to increase its monthly dividend by 0.75 Canadian cents to 21.75 Canadian cents per share once a joint venture deal with KKR (NYSE:KKR) is finalized. 041b061a72


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