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Tackey Tsubasa Best Album Rar [BETTER]

Up to September 2014, Takeuchi had released 12 studio albums, 42 singles, several compilations and a live album which was recorded in 2000. Her total sales have been estimated at more than 16 million units by 2009. Her 1994 compilation, Impressions, sold more than 3 million copies in Japan alone, and became her best-selling album.[10] In addition to her musical career, she has also managed her family's Ryokan Takenoya since May 2018 "until the next generation can take over".[2]

tackey tsubasa best album rar

Outside of Japan, she is best known for the city pop song "Plastic Love" from her number-one album Variety (1984). At the time of the song's release, Takeuchi had not considered attempting to release her music in the Western world, stating in a 2018 interview, "Considering that [the song] was mostly performed in Japanese, we figured it would be impossible to go abroad."[2] The song went viral after it was uploaded to YouTube during the mid-late 2010s.[12][13] Popularized overseas via the vaporwave and future funk scenes, the song has received more than 67 million views on YouTube as of June 2021.[2] It has received critical acclaim, with Noisey calling it "the best pop song in the world"[14] and Gorillaz calling it "a wonder woman slab of Japanese funk".[15] K-pop singer Yubin's "City Love" is also based on this song.[16] The Blessed Madonna closed a Resident Advisor November 2017 mix with a rendition of this song as well. Chai released a cover of the song in 2020.[17] "Plastic Love" has also inspired numerous fan art and videos.[2] On 17 May 2019, Warner Music Japan released on YouTube a short version of a music video for the song, 35 years after its initial release.[18] A longer, five minute version was subsequently released on 11 November 2021.


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