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Jcq Access Arrangements Pdf Download

Before an examination or assessment, you can apply for access arrangements on behalf of a candidate with special needs. Access arrangements aim to meet the particular needs of an individual candidate without affecting the integrity of the assessment.

jcq access arrangements pdf download


Access arrangements allow candidates/learners to show what they know and do without changing the integrity or the demands of the assessment, for example by using a reader or scribe. Access arrangements are approved before an examination or assessment and they allow candidates/learners with special educational needs, disabilities or temporary injuries to access the assessment.Special needs could include:

For BTEC, Functional Skills (excluding QMA), Edexcel Award, International GCSE, L3C, Project and CIDA/DIDA., use the Pearson Access Arrangements online tool, accessible via Edexcel Online, to make an application.

For BTEC, Edexcel Award, GCSE for international centres, GCE for international centres, International GCSE, International A level, PTE, L3C, Project, PLSC and CIDA/DIDA, use the Pearson Access Arrangements online tool, accessible via Edexcel Online, to make an application.

You can apply for access arrangements on Edexcel Online via Pearson Access Arrangements Online. For onscreen tests that require extra time, you can select 25% extra time at the time of booking the test, where you have prior approval. For requests over or under 25% extra time, you must email, at least 15 working days where possible, before the test date and always before the test package is downloaded.

Modified papers help ensure that candidates with varying needs can access the examination materials needed to accurately assess their skills and knowledge. There is a variety of formats available, each of which aims to accommodate a range of difficulties.

Any assessments or material that are not part of a timetabled event, and are available well in advance are not provided in a modified format, these papers are available to download from the Pearson Qualifications website. Centres are permitted to adapt these in-house to their particular candidate's needs in line with the JCQ Access Arrangements and Reasonable Adjustments regulations.

There are no confirmations. As soon as you submit an application, we can access it instantly. You can return at any time to review your orders - either by all centre orders or by specific candidate orders.

Where physical papers cannot be delivered due to late orders, or the centre cannot accept papers, we will send it on a Secure File Transfer (SFT) for the centre to download and print. This will be advised via email to the centre.

Modified past papers for the most recent exam sessions (within the last 9 months) can be accessed only by registered centres. If you don't have an Edexcel Online account, please contact your Exams Officer.

We don't produce modified language question papers. All our standard papers are checked for accessible language, according to the guidelines published by the British Association of Teachers of the Deaf (BATOD).

From the June 2018 exam series onwards, schools/colleges will no longer need to make requests for electronic copies of either our standard or large print question papers for students with special requirements through the Centre Admin Portal. A PDF of the question paper will be available to download one hour before the published start time of the exam from Centre Services via Pre-exams > Day of exam material

Full details of the procedures to be followed for Access Arrangements and Special Consideration are contained in the JCQ documents 'Access Arrangements and Reasonable Adjustments' and 'A guide to the Special Consideration process'. Copies of the documents and can be downloaded in PDF format from the JCQ website.

Some examination candidates may be entitled to certain arrangements, to support them whilst taking examinations. A wide range of arrangements are available - e.g. provision of reader, scribe, extra time etc.

All applications for access arrangements and reasonable adjustments should be processed using the online system Access Arrangements Online (AAO) used by all JCQ awarding bodies. AAO can be accessed from the JCQ Centre Admin Portal (CAP) via the WJEC secure website.

Centres can submit an order for a modified paper, to help candidates with certain additional needs. Modified papers are individually prepared for candidates for whom other access arrangements are unsuitable.

Non-Interactive Question Papers (NIQP) are also made available electronically via the secure website for candidates who require modifications to the paper, for example copying onto coloured paper. Providing that an order for non-interactive question papers has been made through Access Arrangements online and an entry has been submitted, primary account holders can access non-interactive question papers on the day of the examination via the secure website without the need to phone for a password.

For a small number of users this can be practical ahead of exams. In advanced mode, admins can access a dashboard to allow groups of student profiles to enter exam mode, select which permitted features are available , or even set a time limit to revert to normal use.

For general qualifications use the online tool, Access Arrangements Online, accessed via Interchange. See the JCQ website for more information. You must record whether the candidate has a medical condition or a temporary injury.

If you placed an order for non-interactive electronic question papers using Access Arrangements Online (AAO), the PDFs will be available to download from our secure system, Digital File Despatch (DFD), at 7.30am for morning exam sessions and at noon for afternoon sessions. (They are no longer available via Interchange.)

Examinations will normally begin at 8.45am in the morning and 1.30pm in the afternoon. Please arrive fifteen minutes before the start of the exam. Please make the appropriate transport arrangements to ensure that you are at school in time to start the examination at the right time. If you are late, telephone reception on 0115 956 5008. You should still come into school as soon as possible and start the examination late. You may not be allowed to sit the exam if you arrive 1 hour after an examination has started in the case of any paper over an hour long or, for papers of less than an hour, if you arrive once the paper has been completed.


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