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WHAT IS Couple Rings?

Promise rings are rings that are a gift from affection. Similar to wedding, engagement, and eternity rings promise rings are an underlying symbolism of a relationship. They've been around for a brief period of time and are just now becoming as popular.

What's the meaning of A PROMISE RING?

A promise ring has the most basic meaning. The ring is thought of as symbol of commitment in relationships with love. Giving a promise ring symbolizes the next stage in the course of a relationship. Sometimes, it's even an initial step towards an engagement ring, however it doesn't have to be the instance. It can instead be a viable alternative for couples who do not desire to be married and for whom an engagement ring that includes all the rituals that come with it is useless. Such couples may still want to give the meaning of their vows to one another.


There are no strict and quick rules when it comes to creating promise rings. It is nevertheless common to distinguish its design from an engagement ring which is typically adorned with the colorless diamond solitaire. Unlike an engagement ring, a promise ring can be made of a simple band with a personal message inscribed within the interior. Another option is smaller diamond rings or an ring that is adorned with one or more small diamonds.


Promise rings are frequently associated with romance. A heart-shaped gemstone is a great choice. There are also various colors of gemstones available that include feminine, pastel pink morganites, passionate, red-violet rhodolite garnets, magical red tourmalines or royal rubies. Rings with intertwined patterns are beautiful because they signify the union of two souls. As a symbol for loyalty, unconditional love and traditional values, a sapphire engagement ring is incredibly beautiful.


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