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MudRunner Editor: How to Create and Share Your Own Mods

There are plenty of mudrunner mods that you can download from this site. These mods can change the game in an unlimited number of ways. A player can download these mods to enhance the game by adding new cars, maps, trucks, tires, and more. Some maps will introduce new objectives to the game or even transform the game completely.

There is a wide variety of mods that can help you to improve your gaming experience and skill. Mods can be as simple as changing the color of the mud, or as complex as adding new features to make the game more challenging.

mudrunner mods

We must also issue this warning: Before you proceed, you must understand that installing third party mod always has some risk for unexpected bugs or glitches getting into the game, which sometimes may result in players being unable to play at all. Removing any recently installed mods should fix the problem in such case.

Spintires: MudRunner doesn't have the most intuitive interface for setting up a multiplayer game. If you're finding it troublesome, here's a step by step guide, including how to play the game with mods.

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Choose 'Multiplayer' from the main menu and you should see the screen shown below. Note the option 'Play with certified mods only'. You'll need to deselect this if you want to play with most mods available for MudRunner.

The right hand column shows all the mods that are installed on your system. You can add and remove mods by selecting them and choosing the arrow buttons between the two columns, but I wouldn't recommend this as a way of installing mods. It's far better to browse the workshop manually to get a good look at what you're installing.

You should now be back in the lobby screen. If the friends you are playing with don't have the mods you've selected installed, they'll need to click the 'Install missing mods' option, and wait for them to download before you can play.


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