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Career Services is committed to helping alumni reach their post-graduation goals. Alumni within one year of graduation have full access to services at no charge. We offer several in-person and virtual services and resources to support you.

Services status report


Welcome to the Division of Revenue & Enterprise Services' Business Records Service. Through this service, you will be able to search for information on all types of businesses operating in New Jersey, including business entities like corporations and LLCs, as well as trade names and trade/service marks used by New Jersey businesses. You will be able to obtain standing certificates and status reports on any business on file with the State and obtain copies of filed corporate and LLC documents. Also, you will be able to download lists or abstracts of businesses on file with the State.

If you have an urgent care status request on a high priority patient (e.g. pregnant woman), please call the HIV Epidemiology and Field Services at 212-442-3388 for assistance in obtaining care status.

The System Status report displays details about ipMonitor and the server hosting the application. Print out this report before you contact SolarWinds Technical Support team to troubleshoot an issue with ipMonitor or the host server.

MISO produces a series of project status reports on approved MTEP projects (in Appendix A) as well as projects under evaluation in the current MTEP cycle. Transmission owners provide updates to projects on a quarterly basis.

Maintenance of dove populations in a healthy, productive state is a primary management goal for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. Management activities include population assessment, harvest regulation, and habitat management. Each year, tens of thousands of doves are banded and thousands of wings from harvested doves are analyzed to estimate annual survival, harvest rates, recruitment, and abundance, which is presented in these annual reports. The resulting information is used by wildlife managers in setting annual hunting regulations.

LTROs provide land title services to Federal, State, and Tribal governments, as well as to Tribal and individual Indian landowners. For these and other land title services, contact your regional or Tribal LTRO.

LTROs examine, certify, and issue Title Status Reports (TSRs) within their jurisdictions. TSRs report the current ownership and encumbrance information of tracts of Indian land, as well as provide the legal description and acreage for the tract. The average time to prepare a TSR, depending upon the number of land owners, number of title documents, and the complexity of the title issues, may range from as little as one hour to as much as several days.

The GPS Operations Center (GPSOC) at Schriever Air Force Base, Colorado, is the focal point in the Department of Defense (DOD) for operational issues and questions concerning military use of GPS. The GPSOC, part of Air Force Space Command, provides DOD and allied GPS users worldwide with anomaly reports and other information 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The map above contains all trails with immediate hazards. We are slowly incorporating individual trail information and it will be visible when it becomes available on our new system. They may be outdated and inaccurate regarding downed trees, brush, or other dynamic natural conditions or events. Please read the trail status summaries and glossary of terms below and carry appropriate gear.

During the winter, summer trails are not always the best routes for skiing and snowshoeing due to avalanche terrain and accessibility. The skiing and snowshoeing page provides trail status for popular routes in the winter. Please visit our skiing and snowshoeing page for more information and updates.

Date and Radio NumberEach trail information bullet is followed by a date and a number. 6/14/2014 per 601. This indicates the date of the trail status update and the radio number of the individual responsible for the trail report.

Slack is a distributed platform and during any given incident it is rare for all Slack teams to be affected. For this reason, we report our uptime as an average derived from the number of affected users.

If you have applied for a Comprehensive Credentials Review (Type 1 Review) or Type 1 Renewal and have an upcoming USCIS appointment or hearing, and need to submit a report stating that you have an open service or your review is in progress, you may request a Status Report.

The Medicaid Enterprise System (MES) Contract Status Report contains Medicaid Management Information System (MMIS) and Eligibility and Enrollment (E&E) contract information broken out by Operations and Maintenance (O&M) and Design, Development and Implementation (DDI) activities. The State Officer point of contract information is presented for any additional questions. The MES report is updated quarterly.

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) issues this quarterly report describing legal immigration and detailing the number of adjustments of immigration status. The Office of Immigration Statistics (OIS) developed this report by disaggregating data from the reporting period by type of adjustment, type and detailed class of admission, and country of nationality.

Information about legal migration flows and adjustments of status provided in this quarterly report is preliminary and based on data available 1 month after the reporting period. OIS updates data for previous quarters in subsequent reports as additional data become available and publishes final annual data in the Yearbook of Immigration Statistics. The numbers in this report reflect revisions to previous editions of this report.

Approximately1 221,000 noncitizens obtained lawful permanent resident (LPR) status in the second quarter (Q2) of Fiscal Year (FY) 2022 (see Table 1A). Approximately 96,000 noncitizens entered the United States as new arrivals, a 148 percent increase from FY 2021 Q2. Over 124,000 noncitizens adjusted status from within the United States, a 19 percent increase from FY 2021 Q2. These significant increases show a return to more typical levels after COVID-19-related public health challenges in 2021 resulted in a reduction in the volume of in-person services provided at USCIS field offices in order to increase safety and accommodate social distancing protocols, as well as travel restrictions and closures in the United States and worldwide.

The largest LPR class of admission (51 percent) in FY 2022 Q2 was comprised of immediate relatives of U.S. citizens, followed by 21 percent of LPRs who obtained status as employment-based preferences, and 17 percent who obtained status as family-based preferences. Asylee approvals, the next largest class of admission, accounted for 4 percent of LPRs (see Table 1B). In FY 2021 Q2, the majority of new LPRs were immediate relatives of U.S. citizens (61 percent), followed by employment-based preferences (16 percent), refugees (6 percent), and family-based preferences (5 percent).

SAP cloud services are displayed in alphabetical order and grouped by product portfolio. Use the search functionality to find your specific cloud services or filter results by product portfolio group.

SAP for Me is the central gateway to improve the SAP customer experience along digital touch points with SAP, including your personalized cloud availability information. Customers can access SAP for Me with their S-user or SAP Universal ID. Follow the path Customer Dashboard > Systems & Provisioning to get an overview of your cloud systems and their current availability status.

The cloud system notification subscriptions (CSNS) application makes it easier to add, customize, and manage subscriptions to notifications from the Cloud Availability Center service. With this tool, customers using cloud solutions from SAP can remain informed and receive timely updates regarding SAP cloud services, including but not limited to planned and unplanned downtimes and customer communications.

Effective Dec. 2, 2020, a final rule modernized regulations to allow FEMA to publish its notices on community status information on the internet or by another comparable method, in place of the Federal Register.

Employing Unit is defined as any individual or type of organization, any partnership, association, trust, estate, joint-stock company, LLC or corporation, whether domestic or foreign, or the receiver, trustee in bankruptcy, trustee or successor thereof, or the legal representative of a deceased person, which has had in its employ one or more individuals performing services for it in Texas.

Equal Opportunity Employer/Program Auxiliary aids and services are available upon request to individuals with disabilities.Deaf, hard-of-hearing or speech-impaired customers may contact TWC through the relay service provider of their choice. Equal opportunity is the law.

I have a script that imports a csv file of six different servers to check the status of services for a particular application and emails a report each morning with service status (i.e. Running or Stopped). Here is the script. How would I highlight in red, the word "Stopped", for status in the email?

We have a team of engineers around the world who look after thehealth of Azure DevOps 24 hours a day. Their primary goal is to ensurethat our customers are always productive and successful with our service.From time to time, like any online service, our service experiences performanceslowdowns and stability issues. In these cases, we aim to respond quickly torestore the service. It's our top priority to communicate the incidentstatus and our next steps to mitigate the issue. We do so through theAzure DevOps Services status portal.

In addition to the specific Azure DevOps Services, the matrix also displays two othercategories: Core and Other. The Core category encompasses the set of features that are fundamental to all five services, such as authentication or the web portal. The Other category corresponds to features that complement the suite, such as extensions. 350c69d7ab


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