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The resulting Mux1.mp4 does not contain all videos. Only the first video (75_540_38HQ2.mp4). The file size of the source and resulting video is below (as you can see, resulting video is slightly larger than first vid):


The ISO base media file format is designed as an extensible file format. A list of all registered extensions for the ISO base media file format is published on the official registration authority website,[33] The registration authority for code-points (identifier values) in "MP4 Family" files is Apple Inc. and it is named in Annex D (informative) in MPEG-4 Part 12.[8] Codec designers should register the codes they invent, but the registration is not mandatory[34] and some of invented and used code-points are not registered.[35] When someone is creating a new specification derived from the ISO base media file format, all the existing specifications should be used both as examples and a source of definitions and technology. If an existing specification already covers how a particular media type is stored in the file format (e.g. MPEG-4 audio or video in MP4), that definition should be used and a new one should not be invented.[8]

All files from the musdb18 dataset are encoded in the Native Instruments stems format (.mp4). It is a multitrack format composed of 5 stereo streams, each one encoded in AAC @256kbps. These signals correspond to: 041b061a72


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