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Remote Utilities is a remote desktop software that allows a user to remotely control another computer through a proprietary protocol and see the remote computer's desktop, operate its keyboard and mouse.[2][3]

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The program utilizes the client-server model and consists of two primary components: the Host that is installed on the remote computer and the viewer that is installed on the local PC. Other modules include Agent, Remote Utilities Server (RU Server) and portable Viewer.[4]

Remote Utilities provides full control over the remote system and allows to view the remote computer without disrupting its user. The connection is established via an IP address or the Internet ID and it has an IP filtering system allowing to restrict access to only certain IP addresses.[5][6]

The Internet-ID technology became available in Remote Utilities starting with version 5.0. It allows the user to bypass software and hardware firewalls and NAT devices when setting up a remote connection over the Internet. [10]

Following Remote Utilities's launch, the software received consecutive positive reviews in PC World by editors in 2011[2] and 2012.[12] It was featured in TechRadar's best free remote desktop software in 2019.[16] 350c69d7ab


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