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California Gross Polluter Buy Back

Removing these "gross polluters" from the roads when they fail their biannual smog checks (required for cars six years old or more) is one of the most cost-effective ways available to the state to reduce vehicle emissions.

california gross polluter buy back

Owners of gross polluters can apply to the Bureau of Auto Repair (BAR) for a letter of approval to scrap the vehicle. When they turn in the vehicle at a BAR-approved dismantler and receive proof that it has been scrapped, they receive a payment of $1,000 to $1,500. Air-quality advocates hope the bounty can be raised to $2,000 per car.

The state will use roadside sensors to help in the identification of gross polluters. The equipment motorists are now seeing in Southern California is gathering information on locations and set up. When the plan is implemented, owners of vehicles identified as gross polluters by a roadside sensor will be mailed a notice and must have the car tested at a designated test-only station. If it passes, the owner will not need to take any further action. If the car fails, the procedures are the same as those described above, depending on how badly the vehicle fails. Failure to respond to the notice will result in fines.

From Exide to Aliso Canyon to the families living near faulty oil and gas infrastructure, too many of our communities have been saddled with the pollution of weakly enforced environmental justice laws. Low-income neighborhoods, in particular, suffer from high rates of health problems because local gross polluters are not being held to account.

Gross polluters--Drivers who fear their vehicles are spewing large amounts of pollutants can have their cars pretested before seeking a smog certificate. A pretest allows them to make smog repairs before the vehicles are labeled by the state as so-called gross polluters. (SB 1754 by Sen. Maurice Johannessen, R-Redding) 041b061a72


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