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Description:This is a nice parody of Teen Titans. While most of the team is far away you have to train to become a titan, too. Starfire will guide you and keep you motivated. Keep visiting all the places, play mini games and gain experience.Version: Updated: 2023-01-13, Posted: 2017-12-15. Request for an Update!

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Beast Boy comforts her and tells her that it is not a big deal, but Terra still insists that Beast Boy keep it secret from the other titans; a promise Beast Boy accepts. The next day, the Titans gather around the training course and allow Terra to display her abilities. With a little bit of encouragement from Beast Boy, Terra is able to complete the course and proves that she has potential with her abilities. As the Titans congratulate her; they receive a signal that Slade has returned and track his location. The Titans begin to move out and Beast Boy invites Terra along with them. At the mining location, Terra assists the Titans in battle with Slade's robot minions but loses control in doing so and accidentally causes rocks to fall on a nearby Beast Boy. As the other Titans check to see if Beast Boy is alright, Terra flees down one of the pathways out of terror. While resting, Terra notices a man running down a nearby pathway and assumes him to be Slade. She follows and corners him; but Slade reveals to her that he wanted her to corner him so they could speak.

Despite her gratitude for Slade's intervention, Terra is not received as warmly. Upon arrival at Slade's base, her master brutally attacks her while admonishing her apparent cowardice. This makes Terra realize that Slade never really cared about her, and disgusted by Slade's cold-heartedness, Terra renounces him and tries to walk out, only to learn to her horror that the suit Slade had given her is connected to her nervous system, allowing Slade to control her like a puppet. While Slade continues to punish Terra for her defiance, Beast Boy, having tracked her to Slade's base, making her fight Beast Boy allowing him to question Slade about what happened to Terra stating that he makes better use of Terra's powers, Beast Boy was able to recover after Terra's attack allowing her ex-boyfriend to chastise her for the duplicity and how she was secretive about her duplicity. Slade attacks him using Terra, eventually managing to pin Beast Boy under a large rock before he was able to ask the other titans for help, before she can finish him off, though, the other Titans arrive, having tracked Beast Boy. With Beast Boy's insistence that it is not too late, Terra finally manages to break Slade's hold over her before attacking him, eventually creating a geokinetic blast that opens up an underground volcano, sending Slade to a fiery demise.

Beast Boy and Terra had a complicated romantic relationship. Beast Boy had a crush on Terra the moment he saw her while Terra had been charmed by his sense of humor since she first started talking with him. Beast Boy had a lot of support for Terra when she did not feel welcome and she confided in him that she cannot fully control her powers then made him swear not to tell anyone. Slade later tries to convince Terra to turn to evil but she quickly refuses and her powers being to spin out of control. After an obstacle course for training, Robin by observation told her they know she could not control her powers. She felt betrayed, thinking that Beast Boy told everyone, she runs off. Terra later returns and wants to become a Teen Titan. Beast Boy later makes a heart box for her and asks her on a date but at first said she could not. Beast Boy in his room was upset and says how stupid he thought he was all the while Terra listening on a rock in the window decides to go out with him. She asked if he trusted her while he replies, "more than anyone." They go out to an amusement park when Beast Boy asks her if she is having fun. She said that he is her definition of fun. They have fun playing games, going on rides, and taking pictures. While on a Ferris wheel, Terra asks him if he knew anything bad about her, would he still be her friend. He replied, "always." They were about to kiss but stopped abruptly when Slade suddenly appeared. Beast Boy battles Slade. Slade tells Beast Boy that Terra turned to evil, and Beast Boy quickly denies it. When he realizes she did, he became deeply hurt. While Beast Boy carried a lot of resentment and rage towards Terra, he never failed to forgive her and offer her support when it mattered. All the other Titans regarded her as evil while he still saw good in Terra. Beast Boy brought up that they never gave up on Robin when he was Slade's apprentice. Robin later battles Terra and whilst fighting, tells her of a second chance but she refuses his offer. When Slade was controlling Terra, she understood the reason why she was scolded by Beast Boy which gave her confidence and will to fight against him after the other titans were convincing her to defeat Slade and her being reached out by the rest of the titans. While Slade was holding her by the throat, Terra began to build up her power to create an explosion which knocked Slade into the lava and cause an earthquake. Beast Boy and Terra share one last embrace before she stops the volcano and petrifies herself. In "Things Change", Beast Boy was positive that Terra was back after seeing her talking with friends at a school. This spiked his curiosity and desire to find out. He eventually accepted that, even if the girl was Terra, she just wanted to live a normal life out of guilt for her duplicity and ending her relationship with Beast Boy on bad terms.

Slade and Terra seem to have and on-and-off, love-hate relationship with each other, as mentor and apprentice (or master and servant). Terra's first known appearance in the show was when she secretly worked for Slade of her own free will in return for him mentoring and teaching her how to fully control her abilities to their maximum potential. She had a bright and cheery attitude but was still loyal to Slade. Slade made her pretend to be good for the Titans and have them build trust with her so that she could get all of their important data and send it to Slade. At first she was faking her love for the Teen Titans but then, just after she sent the data to Slade, Beast Boy asked her out and she grew attached to the Titans and became good. The two of them had fun together that night, but this was all until Slade came in and told everything about who she really was. After this, Beast Boy broke up with her and left her. After this, Terra became fully evil and worked for Slade. Now, she is no longer had a sunny and chipper personality like before.

The reason why Terra betrayed Slade in the comics was because when she and Slade had managed to capture the Titans, Nightwing and Jericho (Slade's son) showed up to try to save them, but were also captured. However Jericho managed to possess his father and free the Titans. Terra, who was unaware of Jericho's powers, thought Slade had turned against her. after the misunderstanding was cleared up, Terra was still furious at Slade for going "soft" with love for his son.

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